Awesome! Watch The Update of the Plumbing Technology

Concerning plumbing, we often see it as something that is not that important to us. As a matter of fact, having a good plumbing system is pretty necessary. However, nowadays the plumber and us get a lot of help from technology. The plumbing technology ease our job, from water leak detection tools until ec0-plumbing.

plumbing technology

New Plumbing Technology: Eco-friendly components

The world is dying thanks to our capability of killing it. We use things that break the ozone layer, we litter around the ground and the river, we cut all the trees on the rain forests, and we basically created the world’s largest greenhouse by NOT acting on global warming. Because of how our world is in condition so dire at the moment, you probably think that it is too late for us to save it, right? Wrong. Some people believe that it is not too late to save the world, hence why Eco-friendly components are made. These components will both save some money for water and electricity costs while at the same time save the world from getting torn apart by our carbon tracks (the former is a tad more important compared to the latter, of course).

Brain pipes

If ever they are invented, do not let zombies come close to your house if your house got this (that is if they like electrical brains). Brain pipes are a plumbing system where everything is done automatically by a system that controls your water flow and whatnot. It can tell you when there is a leak in the pipes and it can even save you some water if it detects a potential leak. Technology is clearly human’s greatest gift to humans.

LED monitor for temperature

LED monitor is not that new of an invention, but when they are applied in plumbing, they clearly become something that is a bit new because it is only trending just now. This LED monitor will tell you the temperature of the water that will come out of that shower head or that faucet you have in your kitchen. No longer will you get water that is too hot when you turn the hot faucet on and balancing hot and cold water will certainly be easier.

plumbing technology

Smart appliances that can save you some time

Everything is smart today, even plumbing appliances. Many of plumbing appliances come equipped with a computer chip these days, and those computer chips will react to your commands. This will mean automation of every plumbing appliances will be possible, and that will certainly lead to an easier life.

Water recycling

How? With an elaborately placed pipes, everything is possible. You can use the used water to re-hydrate your plant, hence lowering the chance of that used water from polluting the river or other bodies of water.


Not that skinny ET you see in the movies, no, but the ET that can make your garden’s shine more than jolly. ETwater is an automated irrigation system for your house and it can even read the weather. It will then adapt to that weather in order to provide an efficient water sprinkling schedule for the plants in your garden.

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