Amazing! Fastest Way to Clean Up Your Plumbing Supply

Cleaning plumbing supplies is a part of regular maintenance of your home. Dirty plumbing delivers dirty water. Dirty plumbing also can lead into lots plumbing problem such as clogged, rusty pipes, grease drain and tons other issues. Therefore, keep your pipes and drain in a good care. However, for some people, maintain and taking care of plumbing supply is a difficult task. Less of time and no basic knowledge of plumbing supply are some of the reason.

So here we are, give a you very simple way using simple natural ingredient you can find in your kitchen for your plumbing supplies.

It’s easy. It’s quick. You don’t even realize when it’s done.

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Bathtub used to be made using porcelain or ceramic. If that’s what your bathtub is, then choose these natural ingredients to clean your bathtub:

  1. Vinegar + Water; or
  2. Baking Soda + Water

That’s it. Go to your kitchen and you’ll find them. They are so easy to get. Mix both of the ingredients and use it as the ‘soap’ to clean your bathtub.


Don’t use BLEACH. Maybe you think “Oh, I want to make it whiter, so I’ll use bleach”.  Nope. Your tub won’t get whiter. In fact, bleach can make your bathtub turn to be rusty.

So, how if your bathtub from Acrylic and fiberglass? This is easier than porcelain or ceramic. Small amount of dish soap and water is enough to clean it. Wipe it using a soft cloth and…VOILA!! There you have it! A sparkling bathtub is in the house.


Toilet and Toilet Bowl

Now here’s a thing. Toilet has several layers. First is the exterior toilet. Cleaning exterior toilet only need vinegar and water. Mix them both and spray it to your exterior toilet. Wipe it and give a little pressure while you wipe it.  For the surface of the toilet, use dish soap to clean it. Try to choose mild soap because the surface has lot of dirt.

Last is the toilet bowl. Clean and sanitize it using antibacterial toilet cleaner. If you want to make your own cleaner, then use ¼ cup of bleach. Mix it to a gallon of water and wipe your toilet bowl using it. The vinegar can remove the dirt from surface layer of your toilet bowl.


Showerheads and Faucets

For showerheads, pour white vinegar into a plastic bag. Tie it up with rubber band to your showerhead. It removes the lime and dirt in your showerhead. Wait about one hour, and then turn on your shower to flush the vinegar that still remains. Last, wipe it with soft cloth. Do the same thing to your faucets.


See? How easy that is. You only even need a vinegar or baking soda to clean all the plumbing supply and fixtures. Wanna more about this or related to plumbing topic? Visit our blog and contact us for services.

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