4 Common Plumbing Horror Stories are Revealed

Pipes and water systems are undoubtedly important for our daily life. However, it is probably not something that we can control or fix when there is any damage. In fact, there are so many plumbing horror stories experienced out there. Probably, you are also the one who has experienced them. You must not worry, there are some of them that you may be able to prevent and even repair by yourself. Here are then some of worst plumbing stories and how to solve the problems.

The Basement Flooded in the Midnight

When the basement is flooded, the main leak is not always located in the basement also. It can be on other parts at your house. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to detect where it is. For this matter, it seems you don’t have any other choice except call the right plumber the come. This is the importance why you must save all the important contacts in your phone including the plumber of course. More than that, it is better to save more than a contact. Besides, make sure the services are available for 24 hours. The leak itself must not be occurred instantly except there is something happened like earthquake. Therefore, you should be able to know it before it is getting bigger at night. So, even if the leak or crack is still small enough, make sure to fix it as soon as possible.

plumbing horror stories

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The New Leak occurred after the old one is repaired

Have you experienced this one; there is a leak and then a plumber fix it but then another leak is detected and even worse? Actually, you should not blame the plumber that fast. It is not always their fault anyway. The most important thing is by calling the plumber again to share your problem and ask them to help you. It should be a lesson as well in which you must choose a plumber that offers guarantee services. Therefore, you may need to pay for the next damage. Here are many cases where the plumber doesn’t come for the second calling, what is to do? It is simple; just blacklist it and use services from the more trusted one.

Accidentally Using Unlicensed Plumber

It is reasonable that you may feel panic for the leak mainly if the water has been flooded everywhere. So, you may call the plumber that can give you fast response. Unfortunately, the plumber may not have license. Actually, if there is no problem after the repairing, it is no matter whether the plumber is licensed or not. However, it is much better to save the contact of the more trusted and reputable plumber to avoid any risks.

plumbing horror stories


The Bill is Too High

This one is maybe the worst experience ever. The plumber hits you with a very high cost after the repairing and somehow it is not reasonable. For avoiding this matter, you must ask the plumber the estimation of cost to pay. Commonly, it cannot be determined at the beginning but at least you have to know the money to be prepared.

Nobody wants this happen in their home. All of us need a comfortable home to live in. That’s why we want to help you to avoid this plumbing horror happen in your home. We are a trusted and licensed plumber is ready to help. Feel free to contact us.

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