Kitchen Design Trends 2018: Clever Ideas For Your Home

Home renovations will always be something that every homeowner will consider at some point. This is because it is seen as a way to infuse new life into the home as well as a solution to updating, redecorating, and refreshing its look. Normally, when we talk about home renovations, the kitchen will almost always be a part of it. Because of this, it is essential to know what kitchen trends will be highly valued by homeowners. Let’s take a look of kitchen design trends 2018.

Kitchen Design Trends 2018:

#1. Blue and Green Cabinets

When you talk about kitchen cabinets and home renovations, do not be surprised that moody ocean-inspired hues would be commonly mentioned. For 2017 these were the go to colors of the year as far as kitchen cabinets were concerned. Home renovation experts believe that there is no reason why this trend would not continue on in 2018. The great thing with blues and greens is that they can be mixed with other colors as well as complement other finishing like wood stains. In many instances these are the chosen dominant colors of choice.

#2. Nothing But Violet

Can you imagine renovating your kitchen and having nothing but ultra violet color? Do not be surprised if you happen to walk into one because according to Pantone, this is the color of the year for 2018. In fact, it is turning out to be a major trend in many home designs. According to experts, homeowners would prefer to have kitchens that have bold and unexpected colors. This is because ultra violet successfully delivers drama, elegance, and luxury.

kitchen design trends 2018

#3. Dark Countertops

Another trend you should expect to see in terms of kitchen trends for 2018 would be deep, dark countertops. Most designers believe that the intriguing look that the slate dark-colored slate tiles bring make kitchens more interesting. This is why these tiles will eventually come in dark green, black, and multi-colored rust shades. The slate option for countertops attempts to take full advantage of the growing interest in the use of dramatic black stones for kitchens. Should you decide to invest in this kitchen trend, remember that Basalt Slate can be your best bet to get the result that you want. This will truly be one of the more popular kitchen designs for 2018.

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#4. Mix and Match

As far as kitchen finishes are concerned, expect to see mix-and-match finishing in 2018. Can this mean the end of monochromatic kitchens? Most design experts believe so. They feel that this kitchen trend for 2018will mean the death of monochromatic designs and themes for kitchens. The popularity of mixing and matching colors will result in more exciting and vibrant kitchen designs. Expect to see base walls or cabinets using dark charcoal tones while the upper walls and cabinets sporting creamy off-white shades. Other more inviting and energizing colors will also increase in popularity.

#4. High Contrast Marble

Many interior designers believe that for 2018, the kitchen trends will gear towards more prominent and popular use of high contrast marbles. It is all about making a statement for homeowners renovating their kitchen for this year. The dramatic marble is bold and surely makes a strong statement for the kitchen of the homeowner. It is equally important to consider that using these types of marbles is perfect for book matching to come up with intense kitchen drama. Can you imagine a waterfall going down the sides of the island in the kitchen? There is a strong consensus that this kitchen trend for 2018 has the potential of remaining popular way beyond the year.

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These are just some of the strong contenders for kitchen trends for 2018. If you want to implement any of these of want to know more, get in touch with a professional designer today, and if you have kitchen problems or water leak, feel free to contact us.

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