Increasing Home Value Less Than $700? Is It Possible?

As a homeowner, you are responsible to keep your home’s value at the best rate possible. In fact, it is necessary to do some maintenance and home improvement to increase its value in case you consider selling it anytime soon. Even minor improvements can make huge difference to your house. The question is how to add value to your home on a budget? Learn various home improvements that cost a little amount but have huge impact.  In the end, if you use your home improvement value calculator, it cost you less than $700. How is it? Sounds good? Here we go.

#1 Increasing home value: Under $100 Home Improvement

If you need professional help for a whole house inspection, call a pro and pay as little as $100 to find out any issues that need repairing or improvements. Some issues like water leaks may not be too easy to locate so help from professional will be very useful. Another idea for improvement with only $100 budget is to do some painting.

Now you would think, how much does paint increase home value? It can change a lot. This is a very cost-effective improvement to make the room updated and cleaner. In this case, choose color that is most appealing to most people so your house will be more desirable. Don’t forget to find as many as inspirations from books, magazines, TV shows and professional designers.

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#2: $100 – $200 Home Improvement

Do landscaping in your yard by planting a tree. This is a smart idea of home improvement that makes big change to the house. Not only does it provide shade but also cools the temperature around the house so both family members and guests can stay comfortable and cool. It is recommended to choose native plants with less maintenance and water if you want to do some saving while growing the plants.

Another idea is to install system of water filtration in kitchen to purify the water and lower grocery bills as you will no longer have to buy bottled water. It may not be expensive but it does add luxury to your house. Improving air quality inside the house is also necessary. Replacing the old carpets can be one of the ways to remove any hiding allergens or contaminants.

#3: $200 – $400 Home Improvement

Other effort proven beneficial is to trim and clean the lawn. If you have the machine, do it yourself so you can save money at the same time. But if you don’t, call in the professional to do the job and you will be surprised of how significant the change will be.

As you step into the house, you can continue working on the inside space like by increasing the home’s square footage so the room feel larger. To do this, try removing the heavy draperies and replacing it with shutters or vertical blinds to allow more natural light to come into the house. And, clean any clutter like plain old stuff and furniture that makes the house cramped. Moreover, some updates to the bathroom can also make great ideas like replacing the dated wallpaper.

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#4: $400 – $750 Home Improvement

Do some works to the kitchen. For instance, replace the old microwave and buy a new one made from shiny stainless steel. Or, do update for the kitchen cabinets. If you are a rug person, make sure to replace the worn rugs or carpets to new ones for the flooring.

There you have it, the way of home improvements that increase value. Get more of the best home improvements to increase value here. Call us for plumbing service in for your home improvement and reparation. If it’s plumbing, leave it to the professional.

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