The Smartest Way to Increase Water Pressure in Shower

If you experience low water pressure in your home, it would certainly cause a lot of trouble or discomfort. This would make washing the dishes and even taking shower a frustrating experience. It is good to know that there are some simple ways that you could do in order to increase the water pressure in your home. Simply follow the steps below.

Well, before we jump right in, you need to know first that this is not talking about water pressure definition, water pressure system, and any related bored explanation. This is simply about how to increase your water pressure in shower or home with easiest way. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place.

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How to Increase Water Pressure in Shower?

Okay, you might think that how to increase the water pressure easily in? How to increase water pressure without a pump? Do I have to just buy a water pressure booster to make it faster and easier. No! In fact, even water pressure booster can’t save you from low water pressure. There must be something wrong with the valves.

So, you have to check about the cause before fixing it. How?

Most definitely, the water pressure is low due to a certain reason. Isolating the problem that cause the low water pressure is the key to dealing with the problem.

The water pressure in your home is usually controlled by two valves and these are the customer valve and the home valve. This home valve is usually found in front of the house. It is close to the water line that enters the home.

This valve often resembles a wagon wheel. You need to check if the valve is in its right position.

The question is: How to do it?

Here are the steps:

  • Start by turning off the valve by rotating it clockwise. This would stop the water from going to your home.
  • Then, completely open the valve by rotating it counter clockwise as far as possible. With this, anything that could have been deposited in the valve is removed.
  • Next, do the same thing on the customer valve which is usually located in your meter box.

If the valves has no problem in them and is definitely functional, the problem could be somewhere else. Another area that could be checked is the pressure regulator.

This is the valve that is used to automatically regulate the water pressure at home. This valve is found near the water main usually outside your house. In order to adjust the water pressure, you need to fine-tune the screw in order to change the water pressure.

It will cause an increase in the water pressure at home when the screw is tightened by turning or rotating it to the right. One the other hand, if you rotate it to the left, it will decrease the water pressure.

Note :

“It is very important to remember not to increase the pressure to much for it might cause some damages on the pipelines. It would be good to have a sprinkler nearby when you adjust the water pressure to see how your adjustments impact the water pressure at home.”

If you follow the tips above, it could surely increase the water pressure in your home or to set it at the right pressure. Do a water pressure measurement to make sure the pressure. If ever none of these work, it is now the right time to call the experts to do the job.

Is It Too Hard to You to Handle?

Yes, it would be hard to think about how to see the water pressure bar,  or understanding the water pressure gauge, or the meaning of the water pressure calculation. It will certainly be hard for someone like you to do it all by yourself. The help of the experts is needed since it is most likely that other serious problems are causing the decrease in your water pressure at home.

Some of these issues could be presence of deposits within the pipes, leaky pipeline and others. These are all serious cases that need to be addressed by the experts.

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Also, their experience in the industry of plumbing services makes them among the best option for you. The company is available 24/7 to take care of any plumbing needs you experience which include dealing with low level of water pressure in your home.

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