Drain Cleaning for Dummies: How to do it by yourself?

Issues in the plumbing system especially in the drain lines could be frustrating. It is really not a wonderful experience to take a bath and seeing that the water keeps on rising and drains pretty slowly. Since this is a big mess, it has to be addressed fast through drain cleaning.

Even though professional plumbers are the best option when it comes to cleaning drains, there are some solutions that you could do on your own. It would help to do the cleaning on your own prior to calling the service of the experts.

Now, you might think how to handle and clean your drain snake, or how to use drain cleaner. Below are some tips on how this cleaning is done.


Dealing with clogged sink

When you have a clogged or slow draining sink, one of the options for you is to use a drain cleaning product or drain cleaner tool. Simply pour this product into the sink and let it do its job.

Oftentimes, it would work well since most clogs in the sink are only minor. If ever the problem still persists, try to continue pouring the cleaner into the sink but with intervals of about 2 hours. This will give the product enough time to deal with the clog. People used to use drain cleaner powder or drain cleaner chemical.

But if you wanted to use products that you can have drain cleaner homemade by looking the source in the kitchen, it is also possible. An example for this is the combination of vinegar and baking soda. There are more to this homemade cleaning products, all you have to do is perform your research well.

Eliminating Grease Build-up

If ever the problem you experience is due to grease build-up, the simple solution to this is pouring salt water into the sink. This could also be removed with the combination of baking soda and white vinegar. The reaction of these two ingredients is enough to deal with the grease.

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Professional Drain cleaning Service

When the simple drain cleaning techniques you do does not clear your drain, it is time to call the service of a plumber. An expert when it comes to plumbing could carefully access the problem in the drain lines in order to know which method would work best and use the updated drain cleaner machine.

With this, there is no time that is wasted. Since the problem is handled fast, you avoid the possible damages that this draining problem could do to your plumbing pipes and property.

Do not hesitate to call Downey-Plumbing for your drain cleaning needs. We have the right tools, equipment and machines to ensure that your drain lines are cleaned well. Our plumbers will do the job fast while maintaining high level of accuracy.

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