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Copper pipes are the popular option today if you want to have clean and safe water at home. If you are among those who still use galvanized pipes, it’s time for copper repiping. The good thing with this type of pipe is it could last for a lifetime. There are two types of copper pipe, the first one is soft and could be coiled while the other one is hard that does not bend.

Steps by Steps About Copper Repiping

Leaks and affected water quality are among the major problems experienced by homes that still use galvanized pipes. This type of pipe is very popular many years ago but not anymore these days.

Even though it works well in the first few years, aging could significantly affect its performance. When zinc starts to erode, rust would become a major issue which could lead to build-ups and leaks.

You don’t need to worry about corrosion when you go for copper repiping. Repiping has two different types, they are pex repiping and copper repiping.  Although some people choose pex pipes, but the effectiveness and quality of copper pipes had been tested and proven. A lot of people who are using this type of pipe also could prove its high quality material.


#1. Removing Existing Pipes

When you repipe your home, it is necessary that you remove all existing pipes. First, see to it that the main water valve is shut-off. Also, do not forget to drain as much water in the pipes by opening all the faucets inside your home.

After draining, you could now start removing the existing pipes. If ever you don’t anymore need these old pipes, you could just cut it into pieces. The cuts should be made at all corners.

See to it that you purchase the right diameter of copper pipe to be used. The size of the pipe is very important since it needs to be big enough so that there will be no problem with water pressure.

Next is to determine and prepare all the fittings you need. These are the following:

  • Unions
  • Cross tees, elbows
  • Reducers
  • Flux and plumb safe solder
  • Pipe cleaner and torch.
  • Steel wool

#2. Soldering the fittings

In soldering, make sure that the parts are properly cleaned. You know that is clean if its shines bright. The fitting and the pipes should be added with flux, then heat it up. Wait until it melts and fits by itself. To make sure that you are doing things right, see to it that you have a guide on what you do.


If you think that everything mentioned above is a big work, you could simply let the experts do it. We at Downey Plumbing are repipe plumbers ready to help, not only for copper repiping but also for pex repiping. We have the right tools, materials and equipment to do the job fast and efficiently. We ensure that only professional and licensed plumbers will handle repiping a house. Go check our repiping specialists reviews in sidebar to make sure that you are in good hands. If you are living in Downey and surrounding areas, feel free to give us a call.

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