Clean Your Plumbing Fixtures in Simple Way

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choose these natural ingredients to clean your bathtub: Vinegar + Water; or Baking Soda + Water. Mix both of the ingredients and use it as the ‘soap’ to clean your bathtub.


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First is the exterior toilet. Cleaning exterior toilet only need vinegar and water. Mix them both and spray it to your exterior toilet. Wipe it and give a little pressure while you wipe it.  For the surface of the toilet, use dish soap to clean it.


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Pour white vinegar into a plastic bag. Tie it up with rubber band to your showerhead. It removes the lime and dirt in your showerhead. Wait about one hour, and then turn on your shower to flush the vinegar that still remains. Last, wipe it with soft cloth. Do the same thing to your faucets.


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Clean and sanitize it using antibacterial toilet cleaner. If you want to make your own cleaner, then use ¼ cup of bleach. Mix it to a gallon of water and wipe your toilet bowl using it. The vinegar can remove the dirt from surface layer of your toilet bowl.

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