The Most Correct Way on Choosing A Sump Pump

Are you confuse about what type of sump pump you want to choose? Choosing a sump pump need lots of consideration. Choosing the right type of sump pump can help save you money on sump pump service. How to get the right sump pump that meet your needs?

choosing sump pump

The very first consideration while choosing a sump pump is the design. There are two major sump pump design that may suit your property. The other consideration is the features. Make sure you buy sump pump that fill all your needs.

Let’s dive in one by one…

Sump Pump Design

The right sump pump design placed in the right home will do wonders in preventing any damage to the property and the unit as well.  This is why it is important to ensure that you select the proper design before you go and buy one.  We can help you decide which of these two primary designs to choose.

  • Submersible Pump – this design allows the pump to rest in the water with the help of a waterproof casing.  This configuration puts the pump at the bottom with the outlet pipe positioned at the upper portion of the unit.  This design makes use of a grate or flat screen to cover the bottom part of the pump to ensure that debris does not come into the unit.  Activating the pump causes the water to be sucked into the pipes via the grate where it is led outside your home.
  • Pedestal Pump – this sump pump design almost looks like it is a long stick that has a fat head.  The pump itself is kept out of the pit by the pedestal.  This means that the pump is away from the water even when the pit is filled up to the brim.  Water is pumped out with the help of an inlet pipe that goes down to the bottom of the pit.  This is responsible for drawing out the water.

Both these designs are effective in drawing out water.  The main differences between these two designs are that the pedestal sump pump makes a louder noise when it is activated.  However, the submersible sump pump has a higher upfront cost.

Options and Features

Once the proper sump pump design has been selected, it is important to look at other considerations that will come into play once the sump pump is installed and operational.  The most common points where decisions have to be made include:

  • Operation – there are two basic types, manual and automatic operation.  Manually operated sump pumps are less expensive to buy, but the automatic sump pumps present more convenience operation wise.  Automatic sump pumps are also equipped with a manual switch that allows it to be turned on manually.
  • Horsepower – the higher the horsepower, the more powerful the pumping action is.  There is no need for extremely high horsepower if the moisture issue in minimal.
  • Head Pressure – this is the maximum height the pump can raise water.  This figure should allow the pump to lift the water out of the pit and into the outlet pipe.
  • Alarm Systems – choose sump pumps equipped with backup and alarm notification to alert you of problems.

Now, the question: do you still able to handle it? We hope so. However, for professional advice or assistance in choosing a right sump pump for you, call Downey Plumbing today!

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