Quick Guide for Bathroom Design in Your Home

Personalizing every part of the house is always exciting, take bathroom for example. It serves as both public and personal room, thus designing a proper bathroom might be trickier. This article will give a quick guide on designing a new bathroom or remodeling the old one.

Start with A Reflective Question

Questions like who will use the bathrooms, what are the expected functions; whether it’s going to be a make-up room also or should it accommodate laundry task as well and where things should be kept are basic questions to ask yourself before-hand. The answer will determine a functional floor plan, which allows a more accurate budgeting, contractors hiring and finishing set. Take a look on several common bathroom layouts to inspire you further.

bathroom layout planning

Which Layout Works Best for You

Three-quarter bath (no tub)

This is a minimalistic practical bathroom with one toilet, sink and shower, which doesn’t require much space and save more expenses. It is wise to emphasize on what the guest will see first from the doorway, which is  usually the sink.

Full bath 

A more spacious type that takes in multiple usage, both for adults, children, and maybe pets, since it has a combination of shower and tub. A full bath mostly accommodate a single or double vanity as a handy storage room for bathing supplies.

Posh Bath

This layout maximizes a limited space for a shared use of bathroom. Not only hosting a double vanity, extra shelves could be put at the end of the large tub to keep more bathing peripherals. It also saves some budget, since the shower room doesn’t entail a door.

bathroom design

Notes about Walls

Walls in bathroom hold plumbing pipe, for budget wise reason, keep in mind to keep the plumbing simple. For example in a practical bathroom, try to limit the plumbing fittings to one wall. As for remodeling, better not to re-route the plumbing and electrical lines too much as it will significantly rise up the bill.

What’s Next?

When you have fixed your mind on a layout, you can now browse for a design that suit your taste and go shopping with a well-defined concept on the hardware, and finishing materials.

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